On NTC, Internet speed, Broadband Capping


What is Broadband Capping, and Why is it Bad for Filipinos?
by Cocoy

Deal or no Deal?” by The Jester-in-Exile

Telco’s easy way out
by Karen Ang

Limiting your Internet use is good for you
by Liberty Chee

A Student speaks out on Broadband Cap
by adtcruz

Is Internet a Value Added service?

Broadband Cap and Network Morality

On policy:

A Better Draft memorandum order on Minimum Speed of Broadband Connections
by The Jester-in-Exile

An Open Letter to President Aquino, and the 15th Congress on NTC Broadband Capping
by Cocoy

No to Broadband Cap
by Ria Jose, and is the official position of Mindanao New Media and Davao Bloggers

Position Paper submitted to NTC on Minimum Speed of Broadband Connections” by The Jester-in-Exile

Video of NTC Baguio consultation on Minimum Broadband Speeds:

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External references and related articles:

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by Chin Wong

Compilation of Philippine blogs against broadband cap” (BlogWatch/thePOC)
by Noemi Lardizabal-Dado

Broadband and the Economy

Building Broadband: Strategies and Policies for the Developing World

I’m a network abuser says Globe” By J. Rocas

Canadian-backed report says piracy is a market failure, not a legal one

Privacy Rights and Prepaid Communication Services,” Research report for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Please sign The Petition: No to broadband cap, yes to #betterinternet in the Philippines