2013: Second star to the right, and straight on till morning

“Where do we go from here?”

The question has been on my mind lately. There was much transformation for social media in the Philippines. Many of the actors in this sphere had upped their game. And many of the bigger names are transitioning to a more responsible social media. Recent disaster, relief, and rescue operations have been instrumental in making for a more responsible social media. It can become even more responsible.

In addition to this, many of the bigger political upheavals, and transformation in 2012 had aspects played online. Whether it was the #rhbill or some other like the impeachment trial— people talked, and discussed, and trolled. It was… entertaining to say the least.

The challenges on the horizon of course is great. Social media is but a simple minority in the vast scale of things. In 2013, we will see it tested again as the cybercrime law is heard in the Supreme Court. We will see the future of social media unravel, or transform with this crucible— into what’s next. depending of course whether the Cybercrime Law passes, as well as initiatives like the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom. We will see it tested as the local election transpire, and we could see a glimpse of what such election means in 2016.

We’ve seen Social Media mature. Rappler— that blog driven by real journalists was a welcome, and interesting development. Its relative success is a barometer. The decision makers of course are keeping an eye on it. As do the rest of mainstream media. Where it goes— a CNN— built online of course is important. Rappler is an important experiment. It tests the boundary, the edge of Philippine cyberspace. How many eyeballs are there and is there real critical mass enough to make, not just social media— but real online media in the Philippines, really profitable?

What’s next? It is anybody’s guess.