2014 budget

Actions, not words

On 30 December 2013 President Noynoy Aquino declared: “we are destroying the last bastions of corruption.” And in other news, Malacañang Palace clears the re-alignment of Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s PDAF to his father’s fiefdom, making LGUs the new NGOs through which state largesse is dispensed or diverted back to the political sponsor’s pockets.

It is not words we need from you, Mr. President, it is action. Actions speak louder than words. It is perfectly obvious that a conflict of interest exists here when the sponsor and recipient of spending measures are related. Any ordinary person can see it, why can’t you and your officials? Unless of course you are deliberately turning a blind eye.

This is how the PDAF and DAP scams began, with the executive’s tacit approval. We know what will happen here. The vast majority of congressmen have a father, son, wife, sister or some other blood relative occupying a local government post. With this precedent set, the floodgates will once again be open to abuse as political dynasties milk the system for all it’s worth.

Is this how you intend to spend the “last two minutes” of your administration? Waiting for another scandal to blow up in your face? “There is definitely something wrong in the state of Denmark,” Mr. President. Stop deluding us that you are conquering corruption, and do something about this.

By the way, I am not a critic. I have been accused of licking your ass by trolls whenever I say something positive about your administration. I am speaking here as your boss. If you fail to act, then you will have earned the tag of #noynoying. So for the sake of preserving your legacy, intervene at this crucial moment, before it comes back to bite you as DAP did.