800 tons fishkill

800 tons of fish die in Philippine lake

The environmental disaster comes after a massive temperature drop was recorded in the Philippine lake of Taal. The Huffington Post writes:

More than 800 tons of fish have died and rotted on fish farms in a lake near Taal volcano south of Manila, with authorities blaming it on a sudden temperature drop.

The massive fish deaths started late last week but have eased. Officials have banned the sale of the rotting fish, which are being buried by the truckload in Talisay and three other towns in Batangas province, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources official Rose del Mundo said Sunday.

The deaths are unrelated to recent signs of restiveness in Taal volcano, which is surrounded by the lake where many villagers have grown milkfish and tilapia – staple foods for many Filipinos, officials said. The volcano and lake are a popular tourist draw.