Angelo Reyes shot

Children ask, is Angelo Reyes, a hero?

The Philippine Daily Inquirer interviewed National Social Scientist Maria Lourdes Arellano Carandang, a noted clinical psychologist.  A week after Reyes killed himself, kids she said were asking questions such as, “Is Secretary really a hero?”  or “Why is he a hero?”  Children, she said were confused.  Psychologists asked back fishing for answers, “Is killing yourself, a good thing?”

Here’s an excerpt:

“Children are innate truth-tellers until we teach them to lie by our example. We should pay attention to the help schools can give,” Carandang said.

She cited the child in the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” who blurts out, “But he’s naked!”

“Children see the truth, but sometimes we prevent them from telling it. We model the opposite of truth-telling. We should be aware because kids pick up how adults behave. As they grow older, it becomes harder for them to be truth-tellers because of the pressure of modeling of the adult,” she said.

Carandang noted that during Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s presidency, “truth-telling was hazardous to your life.”

“We shouldn’t be afraid anymore. Her cover-ups have become too much,” she said.

And while some political leaders insist that it’s time to forgive, forget and move on, Carandang warned against “moving on without healing in the sense of knowing the truth.”

“We must tell the true story. Truth is needed for us to move on. Even in the mourning process, a person has to tell her story,” she said, adding:

“Our country cannot truly heal from all the traumas we’ve been through unless the truth is told and we tell our true story. Let’s not keep covering up our sins. We cannot recover from our trauma as a country if we don’t tell our true story and own it.”

Read more at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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Praise he can do without

Patricia Daza, spokeswoman of the late Angelo Reyes, should learn to be more careful.

In an interview with Noli De Castro on TV Patrol, Daza’s praise for Reyes actually diminished the man.

Excerpts from the interview:

    Noli de Castro (NDC): Magandang gabi, Pat. Nakikiramay kami sa pamilya Reyes.

    Patricia Daza (PD): Maganda gabi, Kabayan.

    NDC: Nagkita tayo together with Secretary Reyes noon dito sa ABS-CBN at medyo napapansin ko hindi ganoon ang kanyang itsura noong kami’y magkasama sa Gabinete. At iyon ay hindi pa lumalabas ang isyu ni Rabusa kundi iyon pa lang may mambabatas na isinasangkot siya sa kaso ni General Garcia. Lagi kayong magkasama, inaalalayan mo siya Pat, ano ba ang sinasabi niya sa ‘yo, siya ba ay may hinanakit talaga?

    PD: Ang sinasabi lang niya parati sa akin, kasi ang sinasabi ko parati kay sir, ‘sir, kamusta kayo? Okay lang ba kayo?’ ‘Okay lang tayo, okay lang tayo, Pat. Huwag kang mag-alala, okay lang tayo.’ ‘Ganyan talaga,’ sabi niya, ‘hindi tayo nakaupo ngayon. Weather-weather lang talaga iyan.’ He always made light of situation. That’s why it was very shocking when I heard the news.

    Kasi, Kabayan, nandoon ka nga, magkasama tayo sa dressing room mo noong in-interview siya ng TV Patrol. At si Secretary Reyes, to the end, ayaw niya talagang manlaglag.

    Hindi ba sinasabi mo nga sa kanya ‘Angie, magsalita ka na, magsalita ka na’ hindi ba Kabayan? ‘Mahirap, mahirap, Kabayan.’ Sabi niya, ‘Hindi ako ganoon, ayaw ko magsalita. Ayaw ko magsangkot ng ibang tao.’ Tapos sinasabi mo, ‘Angie, dinidikdik ka na.’ Sabi niya ‘Hindi bale na, ako na lang, ako na lang.’ So talagang until the end, he was really a man of honor, gentleman talaga at ayaw niya talaga mangdawit ng tao.

Schumey of The Philippine Experience pointed out a bit of revisionism in the claim that hindi marunong manglaglag si Reyes.

    “hindi siya nang-lalaglag and yet back in ’01, at the height of the calls for a disgraced but popular president to step down, he withdrew his support for the constitutionally elected president. Di ba pan-lalaglag yon?”

Here’s some unsolicited advice for the relatives, friends, and supporters of Reyes:

Ask for a thorough investigation of the allegations against him. It’s the only way to clear his name.