Arnold Arre

Darna Lives

Filipino comic book veteran Gerry Alanguilan wrote a nine page comic book called, Darna Lives.  It was beautifully drawn by Arnold Arre.  Comicgasm points out that the story totally gives off a “The Dark Knight returns vibe.”

And it does.

In the opening pages of the book, Narda is a 35 year old married woman with three children (see image to your left. Click to enlarge).  She isn’t rich, but ordinary.

The art wonderfully captures local color.  The opening pages of the book captures ordinary Filipino life, to a T.  You could almost imagine this to be the initial pages of a movie script.

Alanguilan and Arre wrote on their page that they would love to write the story, but felt that they need the Ravelo family’s permission to do so.  If the nine pages are any indication, this would not only be a great comic book, but also an awesome movie!  Oh, and they are also looking for a publisher so heads up!

This is one of those books that need to get seen, and read.

The rest of pages of Darna Lives is here.