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A look inside Malacañang

I love museums. While I was a student, I would just chill in a different gallery of the Louvre every Friday (student discount day!), scoured every display at the various Smithsonians, explored the Isabella Stewart Gardener instead of watch a Red Sox game. I am currently the proud owner of a Netherlands museum card. Aside from the blessed existence of the Ayala Museum in Makati, Manila is not exactly a museum-lover’s heaven. But there is one little oasis of art, culture and history that is as interesting as it is impeccably maintained to first-class standards: Malacañan Palace. Who knew?

(Malacañan is the Palace, and Malacañang is the complex)

The Old Executive Building in the grounds of Malacañang is a beautiful manor built in 1920, during the American era. The first president to sit there was Manuel Quezon, whose grandson, current Press Undersecretary Manolo Quezon, established the Malacañang Museum in these hallowed halls in 2001. Read more