Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton: The world is too unstable for sustainable development

Former United States President Bill Clinton as founding chairman of the Willion J. Clinton Foundation spoke at Tent city in Manila Hotel for what he called, “Embracing our Common Humanity,”

<blockquote>Clinton enumerated in his speech the major global challenges that the Philippines faces, including the lingering effects of the financial crisis that first broke out in the US, coping with the threats of global terrorism, and climate change.

“The world is too unstable for sustainable development and we have seen this in the financial crisis that started in the banks of the United States and spread to the rest of the world. We have seen this also in the threat of terrorists who do not respect global borders,” Clinton warned.

During his speech, Clinton walked down memory lane, saying he visited the Philippines twice during his term. “I like this country very much,” he said at the start of his speech, but noted that he has always come in the month of November.</blockquote>