Blake Lively

Green Lantern is good clean family fun movie

Do you have the ability to overcome fear?  This is the premise of Green Lantern.  The movie is a space opera.  Green Lanterns are space cops.  It is ridiculous enough to say it, they get their power from a power ring and “green lantern” battery.  There have been many reviews of Green Lantern.  Mixed review of a movie, and many of the geeks who have seen it aren’t pleased.  To expect this movie to surpass “The Dark Knight” in storytelling will only disappoint you.  To expect his movie to live up to the genius of Geoff Johns, would also disappoint you.  The movie is better than Thor, but it does not reach for greatness.

There are many things “wrong” with the movie in the “technical” sense.  It just isn’t clever writing that has thrilled readers for years.  Yet the story captures the essence of who these characters are in the book.  The CGI was something we could expect from movies these days.  The score also captured the essence of the movie and of the characters.

Ryan Reynolds who plays the protagonist, Hal Jordan is more than suited for the role.  He brought the right level of comedy and angst, and arrogance.  The script was decent enough to show the essence of character.  A Green Lantern isn’t without fear, he just has the ability to overcome it.

The lead actress, Carol Ferris as played by Blake Lively was also written well, and written to perfection.  There was just enough moments to show her heartbreak, and her love for Hal.  Other critics have said that Lively wasn’t perfect for the role. I beg to disagree. She was vulnerable, smart, savvy, and feminine.  She also was able to rescue Jordan in an important scene.

The script also got the Lanterns right.  There was Sinestro, Kilowog, and Tomar Re.  The awesomeness of getting them on screen was that spectacular.

Many geeks have argued that Green Lantern was too much talky.  This is a weakness of the script. And I have to agree with the Multiverse, it was as if the writers didn’t think the audience could get it that this was a man with a magic ring that the script kept spoon feeding the audeince.  In many ways it was a history lesson.   And maybe that was the problem for Comic Book readers.  We expected to be wow’d in the same level we are wow’d by Geoff Johns’ words in the series.

There were instances that were gems.  The script touched on dad and children relationships. Like Jordan’s and Hector’s.  It barely touched on Carol’s relationship with his own father, which is also a shame.  Another gem of course is Lively’s performance of the heartbroken Ferris.  It was also great that Lively’s character, Ferris was able to see through the Green Lantern mask.  Carol Ferris is no Lois Lane.  Also the inclusion of Amanda Waller was a good one, which I hope is a start that she would appear in other DC live action movies.

As I mentioned, if you were expecting the level of storytelling sophistication to rival “The Dark Knight”, for Green Lantern, then you will be disappointed.   For the most part, the plot is dull, and slow.  It is hard to relate to a big gigantic cloud for a foe.  The story though isn’t terrible like Jonah Hex or the Priest, but it isn’t awesomeness either.  Yes, even the gorgeous Blake Lively, or the many easter eggs sprinkled throughout the movie couldn’t make it a great one. They just prevented it from being a bad movie. It is in a word, ordinary, yet fun enough that people ought to go see two hours with their kids.

Should DC make a sequel?  Yes it should, but it should keep the cast, and have better writing that doesn’t dumb down the material for the audience too much.  People did get The Matrix, and the Dark Knight, they ought to get Green Lantern too.

Image credit: DC Entertainment