Blog Action Day

Join the Blog Action Day on June 8 to Save our Coral Reefs and Seas!

Join the Blog Action Day on June 8 to Save our Coral Reefs and Seas!

Our beautiful and diverse marine resources and wealth need your attention and your help. They are under attack.

Exploitative foreign firms, in tandem with local partners and left unchecked by irresponsible government officials, are illegally harvesting and peddling our precious coral reefs. In one case, coral reefs twice the size of Manila was destroyed, and the plunder continues.

We cannot accept this. We must act now to save what’s left of our coral reefs and to protect our seas so those beautiful and important natural resources are preserved for our and the next generations to enjoy.

We call on all Filipino bloggers, Tumblr and Posterous users, Tweeps, Plurkers and all netizens to join the June 8 International Blog Action Day to save our seas and coral reefs. Your voices, our actions are that important.

What can we do?

  • Tweet, Plurk, or post to spread the word about this event: Share or repost this announcement.
  • Use the Twitter hashtag #reefwatchPH.
  • Spread the URL.
  • Repost and share our official campaign badge (to be posted soon so please come back!).
  • Most importantly, on June 8, join the Blog Action Day from your favorite social media channels (blog, Tumblr, Posterous, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, etc.

Some ideas and suggestions

While the issue is serious, there are a lot of creative ways to send our message across on or before June 8:

  • An open letter to officials and companies.
  • A photo essay about your favorite beaches or dive spots.
  • Design and share mini-posters, posters and drawings.
  • If you grew up near a beach, tell us about your fond memories.
  • Post about why your (future) kids and future grandkids ought to have the chance to see and enjoy our coral reefs and seas.
  • Why harvesting and peddling corals is bad for the environment and is bad business.
  • Proposals on how to protect or clean up our seas.
  • If you belong to a clan, group, or organization, invite them to join the event.

Taking an extra step or two won’t harm too. You may email your senator, congressman, the Environment secretary, and even the President to demand action.

NOW is the time to act.

We can do this. Let’s make our social media work for something good. Let’s make Philippine coral reefs, seas and the need to save them the trend – to raise awareness, to inspire action, to grow our communities, and to compel government action.

by Tonyo Cruz
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Photo credit: Richard Ling, some rights reserved.

Water Please

It should be crystal clear by now that the Philippines have so many problems when it comes to water.

First there is our current water shortage. The water level at Angat Dam just refuses to increase despite the cloud seeding efforts before and the almost daily rains now. In Mindanao, there are power outages daily which lasts for hours. Their electricity comes from hydropower plants which draw from Lake Lanao. Like Angat Dam, the water level of Lake Lanao is at the critical level. Critics of Climate Change can hee haw all they want but if this water shortage is not an evidence that Climate Change is real and that we are among the countries feeling the most brunt, I’ll eat my new hat.

Last year, we had Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng which practically submerged many parts of our country. We found out that a few hours of persistent rain, not even strong rain at that, can cause so much destruction and death. Our poor drainage system, trash, and bad urban planning may be the culprit but the hand of man is also stained with blood. We are lucky that despite it being La Nina season, we haven’t been visited by a strong typhoon yet. But another will come. The question is, are we now prepared?

Lastly, we have water pollution which just would not disappear because we don’t have the budget to clean up our rivers. We do not have the money to desilt from Rizal to Laguna which is what needs to be done in order for our water to flow out to the ocean. We do not have the money to relocate the riverside settlers who throw their garbage in our waters and obstruct the flow of the rivers. Money does not make the world go round but money can make the Philippines much cleaner.

I offer no solution because frankly, I could not think of any. I am at a loss. My brain, it is parched.

This is my entry for Blog Action Day 2010 which I posted on my other blog.