The blast, and the conspiracies

Manila was rocked by an explosion. Of course, it becomes natural that all the king’s horses, and all the king’s men will lockdown the barn doors. It’ll take a little longer for the commuter to climb on to the MRT. Planes. Ships. Malls. Not that bombers have attempted to set off another explosion a day, or two after the last one.

Horses have all gotten away.

At least two people are dead. At least a dozen injured.

The conspiracy theories of course will come out like clockwork. These are the work of destabilizers out to ruin the fragile peace we have, some will more likely say. Crime rates up too. It is easy to believe or come up with these things. Easy to put a spin, and run wild stories.

Horses and Zebras, if you catch my drift.

The investigation needs to continue. Only then will we know the truth.

What’s clear is that we shouldn’t fear. We shouldn’t put fear as our primary motivator. Whether it is terrorist or some madman, or some lunatic with a gun, we shouldn’t fear. That’s exactly what those kinds of people want us to be.

The answer is that over time the PNP should get better. Better training, better equipment, better leadership. The President needs to see to that. We can not have justice when the very first agent of justice fail to gather evidence, solve cases or protect us. We cannot strike fear in the heart of evil, when they know there is nothing to fear.