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Building A Shared Future

Do you want to be part of a worldwide activity? On October 10, 2010, at 10 am, at least ten countries in Asia and Oceania* are going to plant trees to signify our love for nature and commitment to building and nurturing a shared future. Join us! Here are 10 simple steps to be part of 10-10-10:

* This is a project spearheaded by the JENESYS Future Leaders Programme alumni (Japan East Asia Network of Exchange Students and Youths) from the countries of Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam to signify cooperation among the region and among friends.

Before October 10, 2010
1. Contact us and tell us you are interested! Send us an email – [email protected] or message us on!/pages/Day-1-Building-a-Shared-Future/148548191835474?v=wall&ref=ts that you want to be part of building a shared future activity on 10-10-10.

2. Pick a local spot that needs some seedlings -this can be your campus, the local park, riverbank, or barren mountainside or even a vacant lot or subdivision that agrees to let you plant trees on the premises. Even planting in pots is okay. Make sure you get permission.

3. Invite others to take part. Your friends, family, classmates, coworkers, etc. can all participate – the more the merrier! Make this a picnic or fun activity with them. Be creative!

4. Buy the tree seedlings in your local nursery. (we recommend the following seedlings for the Philippines: Benguet Pine, Narra, Mahogany, Tibig, Calliandra, Alnos, Acacia, Coffee, Ipil-Ipil)

5. Prepare digging and planting materials like shovel/trowel and gloves (this is all you need) If you don’t have these, just get a few in your nearby hardware store

6. Print out the project image — Day 1: Building a Shared Future logo can be printed on paper or tarpauline to be used as a background for your photo documentation.

On 10-10-10
7. Wake up bright and early on October 10, 2010 and prepare the materials you will be needing seedlings, shovels, gloves, food, water, sunglasses and a smile then head down to your planting site before 10am.

8. At 10am start planting your seedlings – Remove seedlings from plastic bag. Be careful to keep the soil and roots intact. Gently lower the seedling into the hole you have dug and cover up the hole and the roots, making sure none of the roots are left exposed. Then water your seedling to help it set into its new home.

9. Take a photo of you and your friends planting with a print out of the Day 1: Building a Shared Future Logo on the facebook page –!/pages/Day-1-Building-a-Shared-Future/148548191835474?v=wall&ref=ts

10. Upload the photos on Day 1 facebook page and Take a look at where else in Asia and Oceania people are helping build a shared future. If you can, geotag your images on google earth.

You can also join us as we plant in Gabaldon on 10-10-10.

1. email [email protected] to sign-up
2. look for carpool mates for that date (Gabaldon is 4 hrs away from Manila)
3. bring packed lunch and planting tools
4. meet up at Mcdo Katipunan at :430am on 10-10-10

Thank you for lending your hands for the future,

Redg J. Plopinio