Center for Investigative Journalism

Raising Hell: A Citizens Guide to the Fine Art of Investigation

The U. S.–based Center for Investigative Journalism (CIR), a nonprofit investigative news organization, recently made available “Raising Hell: A Citizens Guide to the Fine Art of Investigation”, a publication intended to guide civilians on how to “investigate, uncover corruption, and expose weak spots of power”. According to the CIR Tumblr:

Knowing the facts is essential to educating and organizing citizens so they can participate in the decision making that affects their lives. Citizens have a right to know the facts but this right is useless unless they also have the know-how to obtain them. This guide is an introduction to how and where you can use libraries and public records for facts about individuals, government, corporations and ownership of property. You will want to check many other records, books, publications and people not mentioned here. They are all ballast to balance the secrecy of power with the public’s right to know the truth.

The guide, originally published in Mother Jones Magazine, may be downloaded as a PDF file here.