check and balance system

BSAIII statement on alleged poor legislative record or inexperience

“Poor” Legislative Record/Inexperience

On the Charge of Having a Poor Legislative Record or Insufficient Experience

Noynoy has always believed that the job of an effective legislator goes beyond merely proposing laws.

Noynoy does not believe that we suffer from the problem of too few laws. What is necessary is the right implementation, which is beyond the scope of the duties and responsibilities of the legislative branch.

Noynoy did craft bills which he felt were necessary, and whose attendant issues were not being given the attention they deserve. Those who are criticizing him for what they deem a dismal legislative performance might want to go over his record and carefully review the quality bills that he has filed.

Aside from making laws, legislators have the responsibility of ensuring that the check and balance system in our government is at work. He fulfilled his duty by conscientiously attending the congressional budget hearings.

[Archived from the official campaign web site of President Benigno S. “Noynoy” Aquino III]