Conspiracy Theory

The Conspirator in Cassock

Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos urged the President to resign, or face possible ouster, and the Palace led by Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda dubbed him, “a conspirator in a cassock“. The description is apt.

Bishop Pueblos is reading the tea leaves wrongly.

Yes, there are so many problems. While factions in government for me is a natural outcome of a democracy, Doy points out the bad side effects of rivalry.

Yes, as Manuel Buencamino points out in his Letter to President Aquino, his buddies shouldn’t be protected. It is a fair assessment.

In all of this, the nation needs serious men, and women. Serious men and women are not just in government, but out there in the private sector, being private citizens, doing what citizens do: work for themselves and their families.

Bishop de Dios Pueblos is seriously wrong. If there was one thing the Arroyo regime taught us is that our people prefer elections to change leaders. They will not stand for political revolution the likes of EDSA, short of perhaps another dictatorship. Raising these threats do this government no good. You want to lift our people out of poverty? We create jobs. Government can not create jobs with political turmoil. Businesses will not invest in such a climate.

These moves by the CBCP speak not of Wisdom that supposedly the holy spirit has blessed upon these men of faith. No, it speaks of what is human in them. It speaks of the recklessness, and the self-centeredness.

We need a nation so focused on the concerns of tomorrow. We have a serious national security concern over at the Spratly Islands. We have issues of corruption, and the restructuring being done by government. We have great issues concerning education, and healthcare. These are important national concerns that each Filipino ought to address.

The Holy Spirit, we Catholics are taught, can give us the gift of discernment. Perhaps, our fellow Filipinos in the CBCP ought to turn their haughtiness off, and listen to the God they profess to represent here on Earth. We need serious men, and serious women solving the nation’s problems. We need every Filipino onboard. And yes, we need real and responsible men and women of Faith in the future we hope to build for our people.

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by alalsacienne