Love in time of technology

A few days, ago, Azkal football player Phil Younghusband through his twitter site asked out actress Angel Locsin out on a date. His tweet went:

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The actress on the other hand tweeted back her answer:

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Their tweets became the hottest topic of cyberspace that day that even the news picked it up. Many were impressed with Younghusband’s courage and style to ask Locsin out on date publicly on twitter. Many praised him (this writer included whose tweet was posted on, getting kilig and teasing non-stop. Some though said it would have been better if he asked her out personally or even just sent her a private message. With technology upgrading itself faster than ever, one might asked, has technology made courtship easier?
Various ways of courtship have been done in the last centuries. From helping out in house chores such as chopping wood to serenading and writing love letters. Some have even written poems such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning who’s Sonnets from the Portuguese became famous. Some would put their courtship through songs or by simply going to the house and explain his or her intentions to the person they like.

Today, with the advent of technology, the love letters, poems and serenades have been replaced. E-mails, social network sites and even cellphones have changed all that. From writing on paper, one can e-mail his feelings to the person or sent a text message or for those who are bold, can put it up in Facebook or Twitter.

While technology has helped in courtship, some have the style of befriending the person first and court later. There are still some old fashion people who rely on writing love letters, poems and giving flowers and chocolates. Those who are musical incline still write songs and serenade their loves ones while others go up and express their intention to families.

From chopping wood to twitter, courtship has definitely changed. Who knows what techniques will come next but for now, technology is helping out and if you get lucky, you might just get a tweet or message from the girl or guy you like.