Daan Hari

Government PPP to Privatize MRT, LRT, build new expressways

The Aquino government formally announces public projects open to investors as it inaugurates its Public-Private Partnership program today, with infrastructure projects spearheading the endeavor.

Operation and maintenance contracts for Light Rail Transit (LRT-1), Metro Trail Transit-3 (MRT-3), will be part of the first Public-Private Partnership projects to be offered to investors by the government. Included on the list open for bidding, according to BusinessWorld, will be Daan Hari Road and the South Luzon Expressway (SLEx). Likewise the government seeks to create a link between SLeX and the North Luzon expressway (NLEx).

MRT/LRT Expansion Program begins with the LRT1 Operation and Maintenance privatization. This is an interim project for 3 to 4 years, after the program, the LRT-1 Extension Project contractor is expected to assume the role for both LRT-1 and MRT-3 programs. The total cost is PHP7.7 Billion (USD 171.11M). A similar interim project is offered for MRT-3, with estimate project cost to be PHP6.3 Billion (USD 140M)

Daan Hari-SLEX Link on the other hand comprises of 2 overpasses, 4 local roads, 1 under crossing, 1 rotunda and drainage structures. This is a solicited project for a 4-lane, 3.68 kilometers long paved toll road that aims to connect Bacoor, Cavite to SLEX and is expected to complement Cavite-Laguna-east-west highway. This project is expected to the tune of PHP1.6 Billion pesos (USD35M).

Another project the government hopes to achieve under the Public Private Partnership program, the linking of Skyway and the Manila-Cavite Coastal Expressway, in what it calls, NAIA Expressway Phase 2. Justification for this project include benefits for Cavite Province, with faster transportation of products to NAIA and to Manila port as well as NLEX and SLEX. The project is estimated to cost, PHP10.6 Billion (USD 235.33M).

Lastly, the SLEX-NLEX connector is a 13.4 kilometer 4-lane elevated expressway that traverses over the Philippine National Railway (PNR) right way. The project starts at Caloocan City, and ends at Makati City. The project aims, aside from facilitating transport of goods and services between NLEX and SLEX, to reduce traffic at EDSA. The cost is PHP21 Billion (USD 477M)

also phase two of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) expressway, the government revealed.