Requiem for Delicadeza?

Today’s editorial over at the Philippine Daily Inquirer reads as, “Requiem for delicadeza.”

To some, this is but a touching paternal gesture, but to most, it is nothing but political highhandedness, an indication of how delicadeza or sense of propriety has disappeared from the vocabulary and from the consciousness, of Filipino politicians.

Umm. Rumors of Delicadeza’s death has, for the longest time been true. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Requiem was held many years ago.

There is rarely a dishonorable discharge in government.

Isn’t this why Aquino won? To bring back a sense of propriety into our national life? To take the straight road? It made things better in a way, but his victory is just a step in the right direction, not the end of the journey.

To simply imagine delicadeza, resurrected just like that and just because the President has a better moral compass of course is to forget that the deep failures of the past are still there. Singson, Lacson,, are examples of things that must change. It can only change when we the people hold ourselves to a higher standard.

To expect the Singsons of the world to change stripe just like that will be a miracle. The only way to win, is to make their kind of politics and their kind of leadership, moot, and a thing of the past. That, dear friends doesn’t happen over night or in a decade, not even in a generation. But we have to start somewhere, don’t we?