Dione Warwick

Has the “Bromance” Ended?

Has the DOTC become a wedge for the bromantic couple of Noynoy and Mar?

At the pressconference announcing his appointment as DOTC secretary replacing Jose “Ping” De Jesus whose exit was the subject of much controversy, Mar Roxas the official running mate of PNoy in the 2010 elections could have fooled everyone by appearing happy and in his words “excited” over his new designation.

But he couldn’t help but present the press corps a Freudian slip in his supposedly cheerful remarks when he sang that Burt Bacharach tune, “Trains, Boats and Planes.” Upon haltingly intonting the opening bar whose lyrics are identical to the title of the track, he immediately segued into prose.

If he had sung the entire first verse of the song, it would have conveyed a totally different message: one of deep regret and disappointment (see below):

Trains and boats and planes are passing by
They mean a trip to Paris or Rome
To someone else but not for me
The trains and boats and planes
Took you away, away from me.

Mar simply didn’t decide to sing this song impromptu, but had consciously decided on it the morning of the press con as he woke up. He says he skimmed through his CD collection and landed on this one. The subtext is irresistably poignant, with the artist claiming that trains, boats and planes took her lover away leaving her stranded and pining after him.

The analogy here is that the DOTC will take Mar away from the nerve center of the action. The more painful imagery for Mar would be that his bromance with PNoy will be interrupted as “someone else” occupies his time, namely the Executive Secretary Pacquito Ochoa, and members of the rival faction supporting his nemesis Vice President Jojo Binay.

Accepting the appointment was like a poison chalice for Mr Roxas having previously been promised the more central chief of staff post. He could not disguise his disappointment as he spoke of his “surprise” at the sudden shift in the President’s preferences. Like the proverbial rug being pulled out from under him, Mar now faces the gauntlet of straightening out the maze of contracts and lawsuits involving the country’s PPP projects both past and future.

So will the DOTC act as a wedge between this bromantic couple? Or will it as the song goes bring them back together again someday…

Trains and boats and planes took you a way
But every time I see them I pray
And if my prayers can cross the sea
The trains and the boats and planes
Will bring you back, back home to me