Good is the new bada$$

Why do good girls (or any girl, for that matter) go for bad guys?

That was the perennial question that guy friends would ask, coupled with questions on: Should I get a goatee? An earring? A tattoo? Drive a hotter car? Get washboard abs? Learn to surf? Learn to do martial arts?

They all thought that bad guys were cooler because they got the girls–or, at the very least, they seemed like they did. They could pick up (or be picked up by) any girl they wanted, gain access to the innermost circles using their faces and bodies as their passports, wear anything–or nothing at all–and still look utterly cool, be photographed and featured in magazines… and the list goes on.

What the good guys don’t know is that after the fun and games are over and the lingering scent of seduction wears off, the bad guys end up alone and with nothing much to show for their long nights of endless revelry because good girls (and many girls, for that matter) will ALWAYS choose the good guy in the end. Because after the fun flirtations and the risque rendezvous, what she wants is someone she can be comfortable with, someone she can come home to, someone she can be proud of.

Image by Joe Marinaro on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution

* * *

Segue to the state of our nation’s affairs, and things are pretty much the same. The bad guys might seem cooler–with their hot smokin’ guns, their bouncer-looking goons, and their scandal-inducing gold–but they will always get what they deserve in the end. They might be able to get away with it now, but their injustices and excesses will soon catch up with them, and whether they end up in jail or in the operating room or in the morgue, they will always end up paying for their sins ALONE AND UNWANTED. Social lepers, these bad guys become.

So we’re here to tell you now that our fearless forecast for the spring of the new decade and the summer of the new administration is that GOOD WILL BE THE NEW BADA$$. It’s the good guys who will now have the attention of the cute girls (or guys), given access to the coolest social circles, photographed and featured in magazines, and treated with the royal respect that they so richly deserve.

Here in our section, GOOD PINOY, these innovators, disruptors, leaders, and heroes will be the focal points of our stories. We’ll get to know them a little bit better, get into their heads, see what makes them tick, (find out if they’re single,) see how we can help, see how we can be more like them, and in the process turn the Philippines into a brighter, more hopeful place. We’re not going to pretend the the bada$$es no longer exist–they’ll be out there and preying on their next prospective catch, to be sure–but we’re going to show you, our readers, that hope lives… and it lives right here in the Philippines.

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