DJB says Number Coding is a scam

On his Facebook account, Dean Jorge Bocobo published a note,

now think of what happens a few years later in Year Two, when we might have 2 million cars that potentially could use Edsa on a given day. Under Number Coding, 20% of them are banned from Edsa on that day, so only 1, 600,000 of them are potentially going to be on Edsa that day, giving us a nice feeling that we have prevented a potentially greater traffic congestion. [sic!] So, does Number Coding actually reduce the traffic volume or number of cars on Edsa on that day in either Year One or Year Two?

DJB makes a good point. IMHO, Number coding and all the changes Fernando did for MMDA were meant to be stop-gap measures and never meant as a long term solution.

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