International Documentary Film Festival awards Filipino film


IDFA announced:

The IDFA Award for First Appearance (€ 5,000) was presented to Monster Jimenez for Kano: An American and His Harem (the Philippines), about an American who assembled a harem for himself in the Philippines and is now in prison for rape. Nevertheless, his many wives stick by him.

The Pro Pinoy reviewed Kano in Living Everyman’s Dream by Catina Tanner, and we gave you Monster behind the monster: the story behind IDFA-nominated Pinoy documentary, “Kano” by Felicity.

Living Every Man’s Dream


By Catina Tanner
Catina is an American freelance writer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

In “Kano: An American and His Harem”, director/co-producer Monster Jimenez tells the story of American Vietnam war veteran Victor Pearson (aka Kano, slang for American) who surrounded himself with a harem of Filipino women and wives and how it lead to a conviction of rape and 80 years in prison.

Kano’s story is like an onion and Jimenez peels it back layer-by-layer exposing the emotional, tearful core of the complicated Victor Pearson. The story even lingers like the aftertaste of an onion: no matter how hard you try, Kano’s story continues to hang around in your thoughts, it just won’t go away. Read more