Erenesto Diokno

Corrections Director Erenesto Dioko goes on leave following Leviste scandal

Bureau of Corrections Director Erenesto Diokno took a leave of absence. The announcement came following the discovery that former Batangas Governor Jose Antonio Leviste was taking unauthorized trips outside of the national penitentiary. The Department of Justice is conducting an investigation on the matter.

Former Governor Leviste was sentenced to six to twelve years imprisonment after he was found guilty of homicide in the killing his aide Rafael de las Alas.   Leviste was serving his sentence at the National Bilibid Prison. Jose Antonio Leviste served as provincial governor of the province of Batangas from 1972 until 1980.

Diokno is being accused of turning a blind eye to Leviste’s unauthorized trips. Bureau of Corrections Assistant Director Teodora Diaz assumes Diokno’s post.

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