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RH bill advocates ‘selfish’ – Bishop Oscar Cruz

In a press conference Archbishop Oscar Cruz said:

“I would like one thing to be very, very clear that perhaps a good number of people do not know that when we hear RH Bill; when we hear sex education; when we hear condoms and now when we hear abortion, etc., all of these only lead to one finality and that is contraception, and that is anti-population or population reduction,” an incensed Cruz said.

I wonder, did he even READ the bloody bill?

Here is my response to that: “Why the Church RH position is tenuous.”

Tenuous might be too big a word: it means “very weak.”

The piece delves into Humanae Vitae, and asks why the Church doesn’t explain its position in a sound, reasonable manner. Then it delves into RH bill and why it is important. In many ways, both are seeking the same thing— IF and only IF the Church actually does what it says it ought to be doing in Humanae Vitae.

Then again, the answer is that there is no reasoning with the Church. The state simply just has to do what it has to do for the sake of its citizens. Put it into a vote.