Father Bernas

Father Bernas: Ayala Alabang ordinance reminiscent of Inquisition

Father Bernas wrote:

“An interesting question is whether the Annex to the Alabang ordinance expands the list of drugs and devises listed by the Food and Drug Administration. It seems to me that the drugs and devises being currently sold over the counter are not in the FDA list. Interesting too is the question whether a barangay council can determine what doctors may or may not prescribe.

These, of course, are technical matters that can easily be verified. I believe, however, that there is something more eerily fundamental here. I see what is happening as an attempt by a sector of the Catholic church to instrumentalize the power of the state to impose Catholic belief on all others. This is something which gives the Catholic religion a bad name. It is reminiscent of the Inquisition.” (emphasis mine)


I highly recommend reading the entire piece. Very good reading.

I love his last line, “The ordinance purports to prescribe a criminal penalty. Only a real court and not a village kangaroo court or vigilante may impose criminal penalty, and only after trial.”