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NPC endorses Joey de Venecia

NPC endorses Joey de Venecia
By Jose Rodel Clapano
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) senatorial candidate Joey de Venecia got a big boost after the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), the second largest political party in the country, endorsed him.

NPC chairman Faustino Dy Jr. said the party decided to support De Venecia’s senatorial bid after realizing that his platform and vision were similar to the NPC’s.

Dy was joined by NPC president and Rizal Vice Gov. Frisco San Juan, NPC secretary-general and Rizal Rep. Michael John “Jack” Duavit and Pangasinan Reps. Conrado Estrella III and Mark Cojuangco.

The NPC leaders said De Venecia is “a clean, principled and capable candidate who will be an asset for the country in the Senate.”

“The NPC’s vision espouses a system of governance that will improve the quality of life of all Filipinos by addressing poverty, spreading prosperity and ensuring social justice. Joey de Venecia carries a similar vision as he believes that through information technology (IT), the Philippines can create millions of new jobs which would result in dramatic digit growth in GNP which will lift it out of Third World status,” Dy said.

He said the NPC advocates meaningful social changes and economic innovations.

“As such, NPC officers and members support creators of wealth and opportunity for all Filipinos like Joey de Venecia who is a tried and tested veteran in global business and finance,” the former Isabela governor said.

“Joey de Venecia’s track record is impressive. He has a long list of achievements and innovations that bore positive impact on the lives of our countrymen. He can do more for them if elected as senator,” Dy added.

De Venecia has achieved a number of “firsts” in Philippine business.

He successfully organized the first nationwide financial information paging network called “Index” in 1996; set up the first full-fledged call center with “Q” interaction; helped set up the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea in West Africa; and forever changed the Philippine business landscape when he launched broadband technology in 2000.

Dubbed the father of the Philippine call center industry, De Venecia, as president of Broadband Philippines, introduced the first mobile voice, data, Internet and fixed wireless voice service for business in the country, in partnership with US-West (one of the largest telecommunications company in the world), Bank of America, and George Soros.

As businessman, he brought in around $100 million of foreign direct investments into the Philippines.

The NPC is believed to command a lot of votes, especially because some of their big-name members are running in this year’s elections.

At the House of Representatives, the Lakas-Kampi-CMD is the dominant political party with 140 members, followed by the NPC with 26 and the Liberal Party with 18 members.

“Joey de Venecia has the full support of the NPC, as we assure him that our nationwide network will work hard to ensure his election as senator,” Dy said.

Dy noted the surging survey ratings of De Venecia that have constantly put him in the Top 12.

He said the latest data from the comprehensive Manila Standard survey dated April 18 to 20 have De Venecia in firm hold of 12th place.

The NPC has a longstanding nationwide presence up to the grassroots political level.