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Google reveals what Filipinos have been searching since 2004

Top Philippine Google searches since 2004

Could you wager a guess as to what Filipinos have been searching google for?

What? You in the back?

“Manny Pacquiao.”

Nope. try again.

Lady in blue, third row,



Yes, dude in black?

“Anne Curtis.”

Guys, you’re all wrong! Seriously. The top “breakout” search by Filipinos according to Google insight since 2004? Breakout according to Google insight is more than 5000 percent search.

“Facebook.” Second, “Facebook login.” Fifth, “torrent.”

Full list:
1. facebook Breakout
2. facebook login Breakout
3. youtube Breakout
4. google +550%
5. torrent +550%
6. yahoo mail +400%
7. friendster +250%
8. naruto +250%
9. mail +190%
10. quotes +190%


According to Google Zeitgeist what was 2010’s most searched for terms?

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If seemingly inconsequential things are being searched, what does this tell us? That people are using Google as a user interface for the Web.