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BSAIII action plan on health care

Universal Health Care for All Filipinos

Action Plan on Health Care

The Philippine public health system, like our educational system, is in a sad state of disrepair. We need not repeat today the litany of causes that have led us to our present conditions, nor do we need to hear the “horror stories” of a majority of our people, who suffer from lack or absence of health services.

We all share a sense of urgency to fix our health system. It is time to look forward and face the challenges of health care in the country.

Universal Health Care is the cornerstone of our health agenda.

  • Fifteen years ago, the National Health Insurance Law, which created the Health Insurance Corporation of PhilHealth, called for health insurance for all Filipinos by 2010 – this year.
  • Sadly, the government is almost sure to fall short as health insurance barely protects 38% of all Filipinos today, as noted in the National Demographic and Health Survey of 2008.
  • If given the trust of the people, an Aquino administration will achieve Universal Health Care in three years or less.
  • The Aquino administration will go beyond ensuring that each Filipino has a PhilHealth card. Universal Health Care should mean that every PhilHealth cardholder will get not merely the card; but more important, the essential health services, basic medicines and appropriate quality health care.
  • The Aquino administration will also direct PhilHealth to expand outpatient health care benefits as required by law.
  • The Aquino administration will work with LGUs and the private health sector to make sure that accredited services are available in hospitals and clinics everywhere.

Access to Health through Improved Health Infrastructure

  • Our health infrastructure needs a boost given the gaps in health facilities. Beginning at the barangay level we will fund 22,000 more barangay health stations, 3,000 more outpatient Rural Health Units and at least 150 more district hospitals.
  • This will ensure that health services are not only affordable but also accessible to each family and the whole Filipino community. The Filipino people can expect this from an Aquino administration.
  • The Aquino administration will implement all the benefits stipulated in the Magna Carta for Public Health Workers. I am prepared to work closely with LGUs to improve their health services.
  • There should be no lack of medicines and instruments in facilities with quality health providers. The Aquino administration will guarantee that the 100 of the most essential drugs in generics are available in every health facility all the time. The Aquino administration will work with toll manufacturers to ensure that this will be a reality.

A Holistic and Comprehensive Health Care System

  • To ensure a holistic and comprehensive Health Care System, the Aquino administration will ensure that the national health budget will be at least 5% of the national budget.
  • The Aquino administration will leverage the national health budget to increase investments in health from the private sector.
  • To these ends, the Aquino administration will establish a National Health Development Fund.


The actions of the Aquino administration to achieve universal health care are as follows:

  • All Filipinos will have access to essential health care, medicines and services.
  • Philhealth will be a genuine social health insurance where all Filipinos are covered.

There will be universal health care for all Filipinos under the Aquino administration.

However, let us be clear and frank with each other. Our shared dream of universal health care and the goals we aim for can only be achieved if, together, we stand vigilant and fight corruption – the disease that plagues our government and our society.

  • Corruption has deprived our people life saving medicines, our children basic immunization and other health care services.
  • Corruption and poverty are the root causes of our suffering as a nation. If there is no corruption, all our goals for healthcare in our countrymen will be achieved.
  • In 2009 alone, 280 Billion Pesos of the national budget was lost to corruption (according to the Center for National Budget Legislation). This does not yet include revenues lost due to inefficiencies and corrupt practices in tax collection.
  • With 280 Billion, we could’ve built 560,000 health clinics around the country.
  • The fight against corruption is our fight. This fight should be led by the top leader of our country. The next president should be trusted to not steal or abuse power.
  • I will not deliberately mislead you. I am prepared to stand by my track record in public service – nine years in Congress and more than two years in the Senate. Before that, in the administration of my late mother, not even once did I abuse power or authority or was I linked to any scandal.
  • Honesty and integrity, a clean record of public service, a clear vision, and the will to carry it out – these are the fundamental qualities our next leader must have if we are to eliminate corruption in our government.
  • Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap!

[Archived from the official campaign web site of President Benigno S. “Noynoy” Aquino III]