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Aquino scraps 'Pilipinas kay Ganda'

Aquino scraps ‘Pilipinas kay Ganda’
By Aurea Calica
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines –  As criticism against “Pilipinas kay Ganda” turned nastier, President Aquino finally decided to drop the newly conceived tourism slogan and hinted at reviving the old “Wow Philippines.”

The President said he arrived at the decision after meeting with various stakeholders and with Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim.

“The stakeholders appear unsatisfied. Perhaps it’s automatic that it no longer needs fine-tuning, but a replacement that will be more appropriate,” Aquino told reporters in Malacañang yesterday after receiving world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao.

Aquino acknowledged that “Wow Philippines” appears more acceptable to most Filipinos. “Wow Philippines” was the country’s tourism battle cry during the previous administration.

The President said he had also asked Lim to submit a blueprint for developing the country’s tourism industry.

“I want to review all the details,” Aquino said.

On Friday night, the President said he and Lim discussed a number of things, including the details of the overall tourism master plan.

Hong Kong says no anti-Philippines sentiment in the city

Hong Kong says no anti-Philippines sentiment in the city

HONG KONG – Hong Kong authorities said Monday there was no anti-Philippines sentiment in the city and dismissed rumours that employers sacked Filipino maids to vent their anger over the Manila hostage bloodbath.

Messages circulated among the city’s 200,000-strong Filipino community last week claiming that more than 30 Filipino domestic helpers lost their jobs after the hostage crisis, in which eight Hong Kong tourists were killed.

Fears within the migrant community were further heightened by unfounded reports that three Filipinos were killed in Hong Kong last week.

Ngai Wing-chit, deputy secretary for security, said there was no evidence to support any of the rumours.

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Grace under fire

Former Police Officer Rolando Mendoza hijacks bus in Manila
Former Police Officer Rolando Mendoza hijacks bus in Manila

The Philippines faces a huge international public relations problem that if we do not resolve soon may increase the threat of retribution against our workers in HK and wreak havoc to our economy by destroying our tourism industry.

We had united to install an honest man as president and our shining victory held us in thrall for a time. President Aquino’s first actions showed an example of humility for us all. Then he set the ball running swiftly to reform our systems to be more transparent and soon we started to see changes happening in many areas of government. Our hope flourished with the positive interest that other countries began to show in the form of grants and proposals for mutually beneficial partnerships in infrastructure development. There was a new spring in our step, we were hopeful and together we thought we could face anything. Read more