hong kong hostage

For the Philippine press: what to do in a hostage situation, 2007.

From the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, a guideline for the press as to how to respond to hostage situations and like crises. It was written in 2007.

(Emphases and greys mine)

THE DUCAT hostage-taking crisis is a coverage replete with lessons. Members of the press would do well to remember them in order to avoid repeating mistakes which, at best, created confusion among the audience and at worst, led to tragedy. Consider it repeated.

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Hong Kong hostages planned to attack Mendoza

Report: Hong Kong hostages planned to attack Mendoza
by Carmela G. Lapeña
GMA News

She thought about kicking the gunman out of the bus when he was standing near the door. In a personal chronicle, one of the Hong Kong surviving hostages revealed how their fear prevented action.

“What made us hesitate? It was because we were scared, and we believed the gunman did not intend to kill us,” wrote Lee Ying-chuen in a Chinese newspaper.

“Our biggest mistake was to overestimate the ability of the local police force,” Lee wrote. “Why did we hand our lives over to that useless government?” Read more