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STATEMENT of His Excellency BENIGNO S. AQUINO III President of the Philippines On the release of the IIRC Report

Philippine Presidential Palace

President of the Philippines
On the release of the IIRC Report

[September 20, 2010]

I would like to thank Secretary de Lima and the members of the IIRC for the comprehensive work they have done. Our people have witnessed their diligence and perseverance to ferret out all the relevant facts, despite tremendous public pressure and time constraints.

This morning, we sent a copy of the report to the Chinese ambassador. Now I am authorizing the release of IIRC’s findings of fact to the public, in fulfillment of our administration’s commitment to transparency. It will be published online in the Official Gazette.

The report is recommendatory in nature. I have forwarded it, and its recommendations, to a legal team composed of the Executive Secretary and the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel to make a thorough review of the IIRC’s recommendations.

As I am now leaving on an important mission, I want to emphasize that I do not want make decisions regarding such important matters without a thorough review. I will study their findings upon my return, and decide accordingly.

I will release the committee’s recommendations alongside the legal team’s evaluation and recommended course of action at that time.

We are committed to implementing the necessary changes to upgrade the capabilities of our local government units, police and security forces, to ensure the safety of the public. We have also been working to review and improve our procedures and protocols for emergency and crisis situations and a draft of a new crisis management manual is now being prepared. This report represents a significant and necessary step in this process.

via The Official Gazette.

Senator Pangilinan says no need for more apologies

Senators Francis Pangilinan and Joker Arroyo said:

Senators Francis Pangilinan and Joker Arroyo said Sunday that enough apologies had already been given by the Philippines on the death of eight Hong Kong tourists held hostage by a dismissed Manila policemen. At the same time, the head of the country’s police forces, Director General Jesus Versoza, on Sunday said he is taking full responsibility for his men’s failures in handling the hostage crisis.

The two senators were reacting to a resolution adopted by Hong Kong legislators seeking apology from Manila and compensation for the families of the fatalities.

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Hong Kong hostages planned to attack Mendoza

Report: Hong Kong hostages planned to attack Mendoza
by Carmela G. Lapeña
GMA News

She thought about kicking the gunman out of the bus when he was standing near the door. In a personal chronicle, one of the Hong Kong surviving hostages revealed how their fear prevented action.

“What made us hesitate? It was because we were scared, and we believed the gunman did not intend to kill us,” wrote Lee Ying-chuen in a Chinese newspaper.

“Our biggest mistake was to overestimate the ability of the local police force,” Lee wrote. “Why did we hand our lives over to that useless government?” Read more