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SC nixes Vizconde's 2nd appeal, says Webb's acquittal is final

Saying its acquittal of the suspects in the 1991 Vizconde massacre is already final, the Supreme Court has denied Lauro Vizconde’s second attempt to have the high court’s ruling reversed.

In a resolution issued last Tuesday (Feb. 15), the court en banc (full court) said Vizconde’s second motion for reconsideration is a “prohibited pleading” under Section 2, Rule 52 of the Rules of Civil Procedure.

The SC also denied Vizconde’s motion seeking the inhibition of Associate Justices Roberto Abad and Conchita Carpio-Morales.

The high tribunal added that Vizconde’s motion for inhibition is junked “in view of the finality” of its Dec. 14, 2010 decision that acquitted Hubert Webb, son of former Sen. Freddie Webb, and six of his co-accused.

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Pinky de Leon: a mother’s pain relieved

After 15 years, Hubert Webb and his co-accused have waited for vindication when they were acquitted of killing Lauro Vizconde’s family in 1992. It was a sweet victory for the group who suffered 15 years in jail. But while they are happy, no one is happier than their mothers. Elizabeth Webb may be the first person who comes to mind the face of a suffering mother but one must not forget Pinky de Leon, mother of Webb’s co-accused Antonio “Tony Boy” Lejano. Read more

Vizconde and a Tangled Webb

Today, the Supreme Court announced that Hubert Webb is an innocent man. The Highest Court of the land said the prosecution failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Webb killed the Vizconde women. Mr. Webb has been incarcerated for 15 years.

Lauro Vizconde naturally broke down. His family were brutally slain. To discover Hubert Webb free, what human being wouldn’t be broken?

Lauro Vizconde will never truly have peace. His family dead and the only known killer he blames is free.

Over the years, we have come to know that evidence was mishandled and the crime scene ruined. Witnesses have come and gone. Conspiracy theories too. Whether it was orchestrated or not, it was that action that denied justice to Mr. Webb and to the Vizconde family.

The world will never truly know who killed those women. That is deplorable.

Hubert Webb regardless of what the Supreme Court says, will never be truly free. From the perspective of an innocent man, Mr. Webb lost his life. If Mr. Webb was truly innocent, then he is as much a victim as the women who died. Fifteen years is a long time, and whether or not the Supreme Court says he’s a free man, the stigma, the habits he learned while locked away, now marks him. The world he left in 1995 is a different world in 2010.

There is no justice in that.

If he was guilty, is 15 years and a life now virtually gone— enough punishment for the brutal murders?

There was no justice here. There are no winners. Justice denied the Vizconde family. Mr. Webb denied his life. And it is deplorable that we cannot provide real Justice to both the Vizcondes and the Webbs. They are just two families in ruin, forever shattered, and a nation reminded once more how fragile Justice is in these islands.

On twitter, @ageofbrillig wrote,

“@nerveending: When one seeks justice with a total disregard for the truth, then he seeks to create injustice.”

That’s where we begin to build justice. We need a mechanism to find the truth. Police need to be better trained and equip to handle crime scenes. Because after all is said and done, the evidence— that fundamental search for the truth in the beginning is always the most important, is it not?

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