Question for NTC and Telcos on broadband cap— Are you ready for IPv6?

In all the storm regarding the pros and cons of capping, an important question hasn’t been raised— what is the status of IPv6 in the Philippines?

The issue is worldwide. The world is using IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) today. The world is running out of IP addresses; down to the last 10 percent of IP addresses. The answer is IPv6, which has been around for many years, but the thing is, telcos, ISPs the world over have been slow to migrate to it for economic reasons, and for the many reasons that the pro-broadband cap have espoused— why upgrade when existing infrastructure works, and they can milk it to death.

Here’s Vint Cerf, he led the team that invented Internet Protocol, hence the popular title, “Father of the Internet,” talking about the dwindling supply of IP address in the world.

The answer of course is a move towards IPv6. Since there is talk on the lack of infrastructure by the ISPs, wouldn’t it be a good assumption that any deal put forward regarding broadband caps should also consider that the infrastructure to be put in place is future proofed?

Are the home routers— the ones sold to consumers IPv6 ready? How about the ISP side? Are you ready? What is the NTC’s stance in all this and how does the NTC hope to resolve this?