Jingoy Estrada

Jinggoy versus Mrs. Ligot

At the tail-end of this morning’s Senate blue ribbon hearing on corruption in the AFP, Mrs. Ligot, wife of alleged plunderer Gen. Jacinto Ligot, turned the table on Sen. Jinggoy Estrada.

Kasi naman this Jinggoy was pursuing a method and line of questioning that only happens in the movies. He thought that he could trick Mrs. Ligot into answering seemingly innocuous questions then pounce on her so that she breaks down and makes a dramatic admission of guilt in the end.

So there was a short back and forth between them towards the end of the hearing. Mrs. Ligot called Jinggoy “honorable”, in a very cool but sarcastic manner. And Jinggoy went, I don’t want to cite you for contempt for not answering my innocent questions but you are forcing my hand. To which Mrs. Ligot replied, you know my lawyer told me to invoke my rights whenever you ask questions related to my pending cases but you still keep asking me to answer those questions even though you already know what my answer will be. So it was like a mother talking to a pesky brat.

Today’s Senate blue ribbon hearing ended up like one of those movies where I found myself cheering for the bad guys because the good guy is a grandstanding asshole and a nincompoop to boot.