Philippine-Chinese relations

Is the One China policy dead?

Focus Taiwan, and the Taipei Times both report that former Senator Mar Roxas will be traveling to the island to “mend fences.”

The reaction comes from the deportation of 14 Taiwanese from the Philippines.

In so doing, is the One China policy, effectively dead?

Taiwan, after all is seen by the Philippines and other nations as a province of China.

Does sending a “former senator,” and naming him, “special envoy,” constitute enough “cover” to mask the trip? It is obvious that the Philippine Government, while it prefers to “mend fences,” it does not want to elevate Taiwan into a “true” nation, but does sending a special envoy constitute as, “elevating Taiwan.”

In light of August 23, and the row with Hong Kong, does China’s own provinces and special region make the One China policy, moot?

One thing is certain, Philippine foreign policy, specifically the one toward the region could charitably called, confusing, and may even be dangerously broken.