Your Say: On Excommunication and Carlos Celdran

Carlos Celdran performing

Today was a busy news day so we gathered some of the opinions you posted on your Plurk and Twitter accounts.

On the issue of Bishop Odchimar’s threat of excommunicating President Noynoy Aquiono

Seriously? Awareness is what we need. Oh, and a broad-minded church! – @Katzies on Twitter

Wow. Backward-thinking church much? – @psybuster on Twitter

I think that’s overkill. Separation of Church and State. – @mikelgarc1a on Twitter

WTF? Let PNoy do what he needs to do for this country – @pollytinio on Twitter

On Carlos Celdran’s disruption of a Mass as protest to Church’s stand on RH

I’m against it. It’s like stooping down to Bishop Cruz’s level. – @CRISis73 on Twitter

He didn’t overturn tables. Better question: were officials Christ-like in filing charge? – @voltaire on Twitter

Celdran violated a provision of the Penal Code. There are other better ways he can make his voice heard. – @ESPJoven on Twitter

i admire his courage, but he could’ve showed courage without disrespect… – @mypzi on Plurk

my sense of propriety is against but another part of me says it was totally badass! – @Jego on Plurk

image from wikicommons