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Villar loses support among poor: survey

Villar loses support among poor: survey
By Carmela Fonbuena
abs-cbnNews.com/ Newsbreak

Erap ties NP standard-bearer for 2nd place

MANILA, Philippines—The new Pulse Asia survey conducted 2 weeks before the May 10 polls is double whammy for Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearers Senators Manuel.In the April 23-25 survey, Villar and Legarda plunged 5 points and 3 points, respectively.

With 2 points margin of error, that means Villar lost from 3 to 7 percentage points. At 500,000 voters per statistical point, the drop is equivalent to 1.5 million to 3.5 million votes.

The numbers of Liberal Party (LP) bet Senator Benigno Aquino III and Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) bet former President Joseph Estrada were steady. Their 2-point gains are within the margin error.

“We’re not really surprised that President Estrada’s ratings rose. We stuck to our strategy of going directly to the people, and they have realized that Estrada is the real leader of the poor,” said PMP spokesperson Ralph Calinisan.

“I think people are starting to realize…that Estrada is the real ally of the masses…. We’re winning back the D and E votes, which are really the Estrada votes,” said Navotas City Mayor Toby Tiangco, PMP spokesman in Metro Manila.

Aquino stays on top with 39 points. It’s 1-percentage point less than the combined numbers of Villar and Estrada, who are tied at 20 points.

Administration bet former Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. is stuck at 7 percentage points.

The undecided group is also steady at 9 percentage points. It’s equivalent to 4.5 million voters.

NP not discouraged

But NP spokesmen and senatorial candidates Adel Tamano and Gilbert Remulla said they are not discouraged by the survey results.“Five points going down is not fatal. We are very confident hahabol kami (we are going to catch up),” Tamano told abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak in a phone interview.

“There is a false perception that Noynoy is going to win. I tell you, expect some surprises. This is going to be the longest 10 days,” he said. Tamano said the NP is counting on endorsements and their local machinery to deliver votes for Villar.

Remulla also accused the survey firm of being biased against Villar. “Pulse Asia surveys have never been kind to Senator Villar from what we believe is due to its ownership structure,” he told abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak in a mobile text message.

Aquino’s first cousin, Rapa Lopa, was former president of Pulse Asia. But Lopa has divested in the survey firm since Aquino joined the presidential race.

But Villar supporter political analyst Prospero De Vera acknowledges that the new survey is bad news.

“The numbers are bad. It’s the result of a concentrated black propaganda from both Erap and Noynoy camps. The attack has been so vicious in the past few weeks,” De Vera told abs-cbnNEWS.com/Newsbreak in a phone interview.

Binay’s dramatic increase

In the vice presidential race, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay has overtaken Legarda with his dramatic increase of 9 percentage points, or the equivalent of 4.5 million voters.Binay registered 28 points compared to Legarda’s 20 points.

According to the analysis of Pulse Asia, the vice presidential race is now between Senator Manuel Roxas II of the Liberal Party and Binay. Roxas remains on top with 37 points.

But Roxas is already confident of the LP’s big win in May. “I am happy that Noynoy Aquino and I will become the next president and vice-president of this country. We pledge to pursue our commitment to reform our government so that our people can enjoy the fruits of good governance as this will result in true progress and development for all the peoples of this country,” Roxas said in a statement.

Noynoy gets poor, Erap gets Mindanao

Villar’s numbers show he is losing the support across the board—in all regional breakdowns and all socio-demographics.

Candidates’ gains and losses
Error margin
Villar Estrada
2 2 -5 2
NCR 7 -3 -2 2
Balance Luzon 3 4 -5 1
Visayas 5 6 -7 3
Mindanao 5 -1 -7 5
ABC Not available -4 -1 -1
D Not available 2 -6 4
E Not available 3 -4 0

Villar is losing to Aquino and Estrada his support base among the poor.Villar dropped 6-percentage points and 4-percentage points in classes D and E, respectively. Aquino gained 2 percentage points in Class D and 3 percentage points in Class E. Estrada gained 4 points in Class D.

The foundation of Villar’s campaign has always been his rags-to-riches story. He says that if he can get himself out of poverty, he can also do it for the rest of the Filipinos.

But this claim was put in question when various camps starting in March belied Villar’s poverty. (See Aquino joins ‘Villar is not poor’ chorus)

“Maybe the poor voters are getting confused. Probably they got confused by all these accusations,” said Villar supporter, De Vera. “Our messaging has been drowned out by negative attacks. It’s not anymore issues.”

By region, Villar is losing to Aquino his supporters in Balance Luzon and the Visayas. Estrada continues to shrink Villar’s support base in Mindanao.

In the March 2010 survey, Estrada registered a big gain in Mindanao at the expense of Villar.

Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, who is vice president for Mindanao of Estrada’s PMP, said the supporters of Estrada are returning to his side after the Supreme Court’s decision in January 2010 to junk the disqualification case against him. (See Erap, not C-5, caused Villar’s survey drop)

The other candidates, including disqualified bet Vetellano Acosta, got 1 point to 3 points increases across the board.

Victim of black propaganda?

Villar’s camp said the surveys numbers are a result of a concentrated black propaganda against Villar.

“In the past few weeks, we have seen intensified black propaganda and vicious attacks from both the Erap and Aquino camps,” Remulla said.

“Jamby, si Erap, si Gordon, and the Liberal Party, they’re all hitting Manny [Villar] at the same time. There has been a flurry of negative campaigning. It’s below the belt,” Tamano added.

Among the key developments identified by Pulse Asia during the survey period are the following:

  • Defections from Lakas-Kampi CMD to NP and LP
  • Allegations made by Estrada and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile that while serving Senate President in 2007, Villar used his position to pressure the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to decide in his favor on a matter concerning the public offering of his real estate company’s shares

De Vera assailed the LP camp for “concocting” the alleged “Villaroyo” alliance between President Arroyo and Villar.“All evidence show that it’s (defections from Lakas-Kampi CMD) practically equal. And they got Albay Gov. Joey Salceda, the most notorious and most loyal adviser of President Arroyo. While he joined LP, he said he is still loyal to President Arroyo. What other proof of a distorted politician is that?” De Vera said. (See Lakas-Kampi defections: ‘Villaroyo’ or ‘Gloriaquino’?)

He also challenged Estrada to file a case against Villar in allegedly exerting his pressure on the PSE. “The PSE has cleared Villar. Why don’t they file a case?” he said.

Blaming the media

De Vera also laments what he calls “media’s bias” against Villar.

“It’s the black propaganda peddled through accusations in press conferences, the media, and the SMS. These have been driving the campaign since 2 weeks ago,” De Vera said.

“The Noynoy camp has a significant advantage in the media. They are backed up by ABS-CBN. They are also backed up by columnists, who hide behind their columns. Villar doesn’t have any of this,” he said.

In a press conference on Monday, Villar’s family also blamed the media for the negative stories on Villar (See Villar’s mom: Stop picking on my son)

While Villar has dominated political advertising in television and radio, Tamano said the ads are powerless against all the attacks.

“It’s very difficult to answer all allegations. It’s not one-on-one. It’s one side versus four,” Tamano said.

Tamano said in the remaining days in the campaign period, the NP will stress their message on competence. “The real debate should be who is most competent. If we go back to that, I believe we are going to get the undecided voters,” he said.

“Our voters have shifted to the undecided and we are doing all that we can to win them back. We believe there is enough time. Once that is done, it will be back to manageable levels and our party machinery will see us to victory,” said Remulla. (abs-cbnNews.com/Newsbreak).

Villar can be a dangerous president – Erap

Villar can be a dangerous president – Erap
The Philippine Star

BUTUAN City  , Philippines – Former President Joseph Estrada believes he has a duty as a citizen to reveal the true personality of Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearer Sen. Manuel Villar Jr.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino standard-bearer said Villar’s alleged involvement in stock manipulation could make him a very dangerous president.

Estrada said he had given Villar the benefit of the doubt, although he did not clearly explain the various allegations against him.

“Not until there is a document,” he said. “That is the time I disclosed it. It’s my duty even as a private citizen to make the people know what some elected officials are like.

“He keeps on telling the people through advertisements that he is helping the overseas Filipino workers, but then he is raking in billions of income from that.

“I have seen the prospectus (of Vista Land). But even if he has facilitated the return of 1,000 OFWs he will still profit from that, that is why his target market are the OFWs.”

Estrada said Villar’s alleged involvement in stock manipulation has given him undue advantage.

“If he can do that while he was speaker, Senate president, how much more when he is already the president,” he said.

PMP spokesman Ralph Calinisan said Villar might have violated Republic Act 3019, the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, when he tried to “persuade” members of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to grant his “request” to unlock his shares of stocks in Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc.

“Moreover, it is also equally illegal for any person who has direct or indirect financial interest to intervene in SEC and PSE board proceedings, especially since he was then Senate president.”

Calinisan said Villar resorted to the weakest form of defense when he merely denied and described as “pure politicking” the allegations leveled against him by Estrada and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Calinisan said Villar’s credibility is now in question.

Villar has been “positively identified” by a number of players in the whole issue, a fact which he cannot deny, he added.

Former SEC chairman Perfecto Yasay Jr. believes Villar’s presence at the SEC was irregular.

“I’m really concerned and deeply disturbed by what is being claimed by the SEC and some other quarters that the presence of Villar in the stock exchange meeting and decision to lift the lockout provision on his shareholding and his calls to the SEC were nothing irregular,” he said.

“Everything is irregular with it especially in the light of our experiences in the country.

“If Villar honestly felt that he was not pressuring people to lift the lockout provision to enable him to sell his shares, then he should not have been there. His presence alone was a tremendous pressure that I am sure impacted on the outcome of the decision, which was to lift the lockout.”

Yasay said Estrada was the last person he expected to expose the alleged irregularity.

“I’m surprised that it is President Estrada who is the one saying this and I’m sure that Estrada had good motives in saying this to help the people,” he said.

Gerard Lukban, SEC spokesman, said the allegations against the agency and its top officials have no basis.

He said Villar was not present in any meeting of the SEC at the time when Vistaland’s initial public offering/listing application was being deliberated.

Allegations that Villar had been calling SEC chair Fe Barin to follow up on the firm’s application were purely speculation, he added.

The SEC is looking into the allegations and has referred the case to the agency’s stock market surveillance department, Lukban said.

Villar countered yesterday that not a single peso of government money was lost but some P130 million in taxes were paid when his company sold shares at the stock market.

Speaking at the NP headquarters in Mandaluyong, Villar said the PSE did not bend rules for his company during the selling of shares. – Jose Rodel Clapano, Christina Mendez, Evelyn Macairan, Aurea Calica

Villar: I will spare no one for graft

Villar: I will spare no one for graft
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – Defending himself from the “Villarroyo” tag, Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. vowed to spare no one, including President Arroyo, in charging people guilty of graft and corruption.

Villar said that if ever he becomes the new president, he would even “encourage” the prosecution of Mrs. Arroyo after she steps down on June 30 because of the numerous anomalies that have been linked to her during her administration.

The issue of Villar having links with Mrs. Arroyo as well the allegation that he is the real candidate of the administration continue to be among the issues raised against him by his opponents.

He has repeatedly denied these and reiterated that it was he and his NP colleagues who had spearheaded numerous probes against Mrs. Arroyo over the course of her administration.

“I have criticized the President on numerous occasions,” Villar said.

In fact, he said that he would give the President a rating of 4 out of 10 in terms of honesty.

According to Villar, it was the NP that initiated the congressional probes into the “Hello, Garci” issue, the NBN-ZTE deal and the jueteng controversy against the President.

He said the investigations on these issues were done under his term as Senate President and so he gave the go-signal for these to take place.

“I’m not seen as a critic of anybody. That’s my style. I would rather do things than say them,” he said.

“But when I was asked if I agree with the President, maybe a hundred times, I’ve said, I disagree with her,” he added.

The allegations against Villar coming from the Liberal Party and its standard-bearer Sen. Benigno Aquino III has been a thorn in his side and has contributed to the drop in his survey ratings.

The LP camp coined the term “Villarroyo” or Villar-Arroyo to describe the alleged alliance between the President and Villar and has stuck with it throughout the campaign period.

Villar and the NP have responded in kind by coming up with the “Aquinorroyo” and “Gloriaquino” tags for Aquino.

The party has alleged that the LP camp has various connections with the Arroyo administration, including Aquino’s relatives in the current government and the presence of former Cabinet members and officials of Mrs. Arroyo in the LP.

Villar also vowed not to support the supposed bid of Mrs. Arroyo for the speakership of the House of Representatives if and when he and the President succeed in their respective bids.

Mrs. Arroyo is running for congresswoman of Pampanga, prompting her critics to suspect that she intends to reclaim power by going after the speakership.

Villar reiterated that the NP would put up its own candidate in order to thwart the alleged bid of Mrs. Arroyo.

Villar: I’m prepared to lose

Although he is determined to win the presidency, Villar also said he is psychologically prepared for the worst in case he loses.

Villar said he has prepared himself for two possibilities, which are winning and losing the presidency.

“You will be surprised, I am prepared to win but I am also prepared to lose. I have had my ups and downs but I have faced them all,” Villar said over the ANC show “Headstart” last Friday.

“If I win, I am ready to run the country on day one. If I lose then I am also prepared. I know that psychologically, I must be prepared,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP) yesterday told Villar to “prepare well – for losing.”

“Judging by how his numbers have been sliding consistently, I would say that Sen. Villar is beginning to realize that his millions, and even billions, will not prevent the inevitable,” said PMP spokesman Ralph Calinisan.

Northern Alliance picks Villar

The Northern Alliance in the House of Representatives has chosen to support Villar.

At least 15 of the 21 congressmen present during Friday’s meeting in Baguio City agreed to back Villar, according to Ilocos Sur Rep. Eric Singson, deputy speaker for Northern Luzon of the Lower House.

He said they chose Villar because he promised to help develop Northern Luzon and take care of Ilocanos.

Villar also vowed to develop the industrial and agriculture industries of the North like tobacco and the export processing zones and the extension of the North Luzon Expressway.

In another development, the NP said yesterday that consumers would most likely see an increase in the value added tax (VAT) if Aquino wins in the May elections.

In a statement, the NP noted that the presence of a “VAT block” in the LP is now more evident with the addition of Mrs. Arroyo’s economic adviser, Albay Gov. Joey Salceda, to its camp.

“Noynoy is surrounded by the most passionate apostles of increasing the VAT pain. This early it is fair to equate a Noynoy victory with a 15-percent VAT rate,” the NP said. – With Christina Mendez, Sandy Araneta, Artemio Dumlao and Andy Zapata

Villar: I'm mentally healthy

Villar: I’m mentally healthy
By Marvin Sy
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines – Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearer Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. yesterday said he is mentally healthy as he challenged his rival Sen. Benigno Aquino III to address the issues contained in an alleged psychiatric report, which claimed among other things that the Liberal Party (LP) bet suffered from depression and smoked marijuana.

Interviewed over dzMM yesterday, Villar boasted that he has never smoked cigarettes, more so marijuana, and that he keeps himself in good shape.

“I don’t smoke. I drink red wine, which is good for the health. I never smoked. I regularly go to the gym; my weight is okay. I never took drugs and I can categorically say never. I also have never gone to see a psychiatrist, never,” he said.

Aquino has admitted that he is a smoker and that he could not promise to quit.

Villar said Aquino should answer the issues contained in the document point-by-point and not just dismiss the document as being nothing but black propaganda from the NP camp.

“I have read that but first of all, it did not come from us. I am quite surprised at why they have been saying that it came from us,” Villar said.

“But as far as I am concerned, when I read it, I found that it contained very serious information,” he added.

Villar said that Aquino cannot just dismiss the claims as being ridiculous because the people deserve to hear his answers to some very important questions.

“He should say if he ever went to a psychiatrist. If he didn’t, then he didn’t but at least he should deny that he never saw a psychiatrist,” Villar said.

“Because if ever he did go to see a psychiatrist and he is running for president, we need to know the results because as president you will be the commander in chief of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines). Every decision is a major decision,” Villar said.

Villar said he answered the allegations coming from the LP camp that he was never really poor and that he was making spurious claims about this as part of his campaign.

Among the issues raised against Villar was that his family was able to bring his brother Danny to a reputable hospital for treatment of his leukemia and that when he eventually died, he was brought to a big funeral home.

There were also questions raised about how his supposedly poor family could have afforded a well-sized house within a gated subdivision.

Villar argued that since they were both seeking the highest post of the land, they owe it to the people to answer all allegations and issues raised against them.

“Can you say outright that you were never treated by a psychiatrist or psychologist or never took medicine for that or you never smoked marijuana when you were young?” he added.

Aquino and the LP camp have claimed that the psychiatric report that was being circulated was a fake.

The document, which carried the letterhead of the Ateneo De Manila University’s (ADMU) Department of Psychology, also contained the signature of Fr. Tito Caluag.

ADMU has denied the veracity of the report while Caluag said that he did not sign that document and that he never worked under the university’s psychology department.

ABS-CBN, which ran the story, has said that the NP was their source of the document.

Petition is a joke

Villar also laughed off the petition filed by two senatorial bets of the LP to disqualify him from the presidential race because of alleged vote buying.

Villar told reporters in Daet, Camarines Norte last Friday that the petition was a joke and that the public should not take this seriously.

Villar said the petition was nothing but a mere ploy by two candidates in the rival LP to gain some publicity to boost their chances in this May’s general elections.

The petition was filed by LP candidates Nereus Acosta and Martin Bautista before the Commission on Elections on Thursday.

According to the petitioners, Villar violated the country’s election laws when he allegedly engaged in vote buying in two separate occasions last February.

Acosta and Bautista said Villar’s camp handed out scholarships to some children during a concert held at the Mall of Asia grounds in Pasay City last Feb. 25.

The other incident involved Villar handing out P20 bills to some children while he was on a market tour in Lipa, Batangas the following day.

Villar has repeatedly claimed that he did not commit any illegal act in those two incidents and that even his lawyers were laughing at the claims of the LP.

He explained that the distribution of scholarships during the Mall of Asia concert was merely ceremonial since these were promised to the children at an earlier contest held during the daytime variety show Wowowee.

On the Lipa City incident, Villar said he was approached by the children who were asking him to buy them some food.

At the time, Villar said that he could not say no to the children because he felt pity for them.

The NP has argued that the incident could not be considered as vote buying since the children were not voters anyway.

However, the NP did hit back at Acosta yesterday, telling him to explain the graft charges that were filed against him before going on a smear campaign against Villar.

In a statement, the NP criticized Acosta for claiming to be an anti-graft and corruption advocate when he is facing graft charges before the Office of the Ombudsman.

The NP said Acosta has no “moral authority” to present himself as an “honest leader” who deserves a seat in the Senate.

“He has been accused of defrauding the taxpayers during his term as congressman of Bukidnon’s first district in 2002,” the NP said.

‘Reveal true self’

The Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP), on the other hand, yesterday told Villar to come out of the closet and reveal his true colors.

PMP spokesman lawyer Ralph Calinisan said only the truth will set the presidential candidate free from any more attacks on the political front.

Calinisan said Villar has been accused that he is the Arroyos’ presidential bet.

“It is only hard in the beginning. After the denial stage, acceptance comes next,” he said.

Calinisan also alleged that their party has received information confirming the alleged links between Villar and Malacañang. – With Christina Mendez and Sandy Araneta

Erap, not C-5, caused Villar’s survey drop

Erap, not C-5, caused Villar’s survey drop
By Carmela Fonbuena, Purple Romero, and Ma. Althea Teves

MANILA, Philippines – It was the rise of former President Joseph Estrada in Mindanao—not the corruption allegations in the C-5 road project—that cost Nacionalista Party’s Manuel Villar Jr. 4 to 8 points in the latest Pulse Asia survey.

Newsbreak’s analysis of the survey numbers showed that the C-5 controversy cannot have caused Villar’s dive because his numbers dropped only in Mindanao and were steady everywhere else.

Whatever little negative effect the road project controversy had was cushioned by Villar’s very effective political advertisements. The analysts and specialists that we interviewed supported our analysis.

The new survey shows that voters’ preference for Villar dropped from 35 points in January to 29 points in February. Liberal Party’s Benigno Aquino III regained the top spot by keeping his number at 36 points, a decrease of 1 point from January.

On the other hand, Estrada’s numbers increased to 18 in February, from 12 in January.

With an estimated 50 million voters this year, 1 statistical point is equivalent to 500,000 voters. It means Villar lost from 2 million to 4 million voters.








37 36 38 40 37 33 41 39 33 38


35 29 24 24 36 31 38 38 36 19


12 18 14 17 9 16 6 8 22 31

Mindanao surprise

The breakdown of survey results shows that, statistically, Villar’s numbers were steady in the National Capital Region (24 points) and the Visayas (38 points). His 5-point drop in Luzon is statistically insignificant, given the survey’s 4% margin of error in the island.

“The effect of C-5 [on NCR] may have already been reflected in our January result, since they (NCR voters) are first to get wind of any developments,” Pulse Asia executive director Ana Tabunda told Newsbreak when asked if it’s possible that the C-5 controversy had no impact on Villar’s numbers.

The C-5 controversy should have had the strongest impact on the NCR voters, who are the biggest media consumers.

Tabunda said further study of the numbers in Luzon and Visayas will be needed to explain Villar’s steady numbers.

Villar suffered the big plunge in Mindanao, where he dropped 17 points—from 36 points in January to 19 points in February. Mindanao represent a fourth of the country’s voters.)

On the other hand, Estrada gained 9 points in Mindanao, from 22 points in January to 31 points in February. (Aquino also increased by 5 points, but it’s evened out because of the 5% error margin in the island.)

“Erap regained his Mindanao votes, cutting the Mindanao support for Villar,” said Tabunda. She said Estrada was able to do this “through ads and barnstorming.”

‘Erap country’

Cagayan De Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, who is vice president for Mindanao of Estrada’s Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP), said that the survey is a result of the Supreme Court’s decision in January 2010 to junk the disqualification case against the former president. Rodriguez said the January survey didn’t capture this because Estrada’s political advertisements informing voters of the legal victory only came out in February.

“That is what happens when people know that Erap is going to run. They’ve come back to him. Now, he has clearly shown that he will push through with his candidacy. Walang atrasan,” Rodriguez told Newsbreak.

“Mindanao is traditionally an Erap country. In the 2001, Mindanao did not support the EDSA people power [that ousted Estrada],” Rodriguez added.

In 1998, when Estrada first run for president, he won in all regions in Mindanao.

According to PMP spokesperson Ralph Calinisan, the increase in Estrada’s ratings “comes as a no surprise,” as Estrada had fared well before in the region.

Estrada’s campaign manager, Ernesto Maceda, credits Estrada’s rise to heightened on-the-ground campaigning. Since the campaign started, Estrada had been to Mindanao only once, in Davao City.

Peace and order ads

Tabunda said that it is Estrada’s political ads on Mindanao also helped. “Watch his ads, when it comes out [on television]. He targeted an audience,” she said.

Estrada has come up with a slew of ads since the campaign period began. These ads focused on the following: stabilizing the peace and order situation in Mindanao, strengthening the agricultural sector, and cleansing the government of corruption.

Media strategists working for various candidates attributed Villar’s steady numbers in NCR, Luzon, and the Visayas to Villar’s ads.

While there were a lot of negative news against Villar because of the Senate’s debates over the C-5 controversy, they said his camp was able to match them with ads that tried to belie the allegations of corruption.

According to the January 2010 Social Weather Stations survey commissioned by the Manila Standard, news and advertisements are the biggest factors influencing Filipino voters’ preferences—49% and 45% respectively.

Two ads that kept running during the period was the testimonial of comedy king Dolphy that Villar has not put one over on anybody, and Villar’s 30-seconder where he says he’s not seeking the presidency to get richer.

“Marami pa ring naninira sa kanya. Sa pagkakakilala ko kay Manuel Villar, siya’y taong may integridad, may malasakit sa kapwa, totoong tao,” Dolphy said in the ad.

After the actor’s ad, Villar came out, pointing out that wanting to be president is part of his lifetime “panata” or vow to help those who have nothing in life. “Kung talagang gusto ko yumaman, babalik na lang ako sa pagka-negosyante.” (Newsbreak)