shared memories

Dutch journalist seeks Filipinos born in 1981

Recently, received an email from Marjolijn van Heemstra who is a journalist from Holland who wants to do a series of articles on shared memories among those born in 1981. She said:

The series is based on a quote from the historian Marc Bloch who wrote: people are children of their time rather than children of their parents. What I like about this quote is that it makes family something ‘horizontal’, a connection to people you share your time with at this very moment in stead of the ‘vertical’ connection you would traditionally expect when thinking of family; a connection with ancestors and offspring.

In the articles I want to explore this idea of horizontal connections. How much do we share with the people we’ve been sharing our time with for so long even if they live a thousand kilometres away?

What I’m looking for is a pool of about fifty people from all over the world who are born in the same year as me (1981) and thus grew up in the same era (the nineties). I’ve made a long list of my most important memories of the 90s. Memories of music, food, toys, movies, clothes and political events. I want to find out which memories we have in common all over the planet. Then I want to see how we all remember the same things from different perspectives. What I ultimately want is to say something about our generation through the things we all remember. That there is some collective memory binding us. Maybe even to say that we might be more connected than we think and that Marc Bloch is right.

The articles will be published on NRC, on of the largest newspapers in Holland. If you or anyone you know are qualified and interested, you may email her at [email protected]