social media in elections

US President Barack Obama launches re-election bid through Social Media

Barack Obama’s re-election campaign kicked off with a message to his supporters on YouTube, “It begins with us.”  Obama for America also clearly uses social media as a way to contact his many supporters, as well as a place for donation to tickle in.  As TechCrunch pointed out how clever Obama for America is using Facebook.  Once you’re part of the Obama campaign, it lets you see which of your friends, aren’t in yet, and prompt’s them, “Are you in?

Obama also has an official twitter page, but nothing on apps, to the level of what the campaign is doing on Facebook.

Obama from the first campaign used Social Media cleverly. So expertly, and coherent is their social media strategy, that the center piece is still, and everything is linked from there. That’s the portal, and that’s where everything comes back to. Whether it is the donation, or email mailing list or social media. The Obama campaign demonstrated great mastery of social media the first round, and if it is an indication they continue to do so, and raised that level of sophistication.

Observing the clever use of technology, of social media, and how it works with Barack Obama’s campaign is interesting, from an advertising standpoint, from a marketing standpoint and from a political campaign position. Of course, it goes without saying that technology is not enough. And in this case, technology and social media just vanish to become elements of the campaign. Its success or failure will become case studies for future campaigns anywhere in the world.

From a political perspective, Obama faces a different campaign. No longer the underdog, President Obama is now the man to beat. His party took a heavy beating in the mid-term election. And America continues to be largely to the right of the political spectrum. Obama’s victory did not change that. Will Social media, and technology bring Obama over the top?