St. James Parish

Catholics walked out of Saint James Parish; homily used for Anti-RH agenda

Catholics on Sunday walked out during a homily at Saint James Parish.  The homily was used as a platform to voice the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) position on Reproductive Health.  It talked about the village ordinance prohibiting the selling of contraceptives to the public without prescription.  The City Government of Muntinlupa has already struck down the ordinance as illegal.

Gela of Wondernot blog, wrote,  “The mass was used to convince parishioners to sign a petition that would support the Barangay Ordinance on “The Safety and Protection of the Unborn Child”. An hour had already passed thanks to the long, highfalutin speech of the priest who insisted that if you did not agree with that ordinance, you are cursed. Yes, those were his words. He was even so defensive at first, saying that he wasn’t twisting the homily to fit a discussion on the ordinance.

My mother, a faithful member of the Opus Dei, could tell how I disgruntled and upset I was. She advised me to simply pray for the Church, as what they were using the mass for was not the essence of the sacrament Catholics observe every Sunday.

No one in my family signed the petition being passed around.” has more Twitter reactions.

On Sunday 6th March 2011@longbeard retweeted this:

RT @InaLimcangco RT @CamillePrats Went to hear mass at St. James Parish, during the homily, a representative from Bgy. Ayala Alabang talked about the controversial ordinance of Bgy. Ayala Alabang prohibiting the selling of contraceptives to the public without prescription. It created a scene during the mass. Daming nagwalk out. Some of them got mad because they didn’t go to church to hear about that. They went to hear God’s words.The church is not the proper time and place to discuss that. To top it all, they passed around a petition form and asked everyone to sign it, to signify that they are in support of the ordinance. They shouldn’t push it down on people’s throat like that na parang wala kang choice. Sana wag namang gamitin ang simbahan para sa political agendas na ganyan.