women’s day

Women's Day-Women let us all roar

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s our day to celebrate. The freedom that we are experiencing is the fruit of labor done by our women ancestors from the likes of Gabriela Silang, Melchora Aquino, Gregoria de Jesus to the first women voters in the country. We also give credit to women all over the world, those who fought for liberty, worked the jobs of men during the war and those who continue to fight for women’s causes that have yet to be taste by others.

The first International Women’s Day was commemorated on March 19, 1911 in Germany. The celebration was an idea following the expanding industrialization and economic expansion that led to the protest of many workers at the turn of the 20th Century. The celebration expanded too many European countries and soon was celebrated in the United States in 1977 when the United Nations General Assembly officially proclaimed March 8 as International Women’s Day.

On its 100 year of celebration this year’s theme revolves around Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women. It is a good theme considering many women still lack education in many countries and given the chance to explore the wonders of Science and technology, ignorance can be fought back which can lead to more jobs for women.

While women are now empowered, discrimination, rape, poverty and injustice are still rampant; women are taking their stand by saying NO. The word NO is powerful because by doing so it shows your stand. Examples would be no to women trafficking, no to sexual abuse and no to ignorance of your health which is one of the rights women are fighting for in relation to the pending RH Bill at the House of Representatives. Why are they saying no to it when women have rights to their health, their body and most of all to themselves? By pending it, they are discriminating women whose goal is to have a right for her health.

I remembered back in college when one of my friends came up tome in tears. It turned out that her ex-boyfriend wanted to have sex with her. She said no. I was proud of her because she made a stand even if it caused her relationship with him. While they are still friends today, I was never more proud of her for standing up to what she believed. When I went through a traumatic emotional experience, I realized enough was enough. I fought back and went on with life with realization that I made a stand for myself.

I am a woman, I’m proud to be one. I’m a multi-tasker, a daughter, a media practioner and most of all a fighter of many causes. Let us all unite, let us all make a stand. Fight injustice, fight poverty and discrimination. Let our voices continue to be heard .Let Women’s Day be everyday.