About the Project

VISION: A Global Community Center for all things Pinoy

MISSION: To connect Filipinos at home and abroad by creating a space for ideas, trends and analyses about the Philippines and the global Pinoy community to inspire informed discussion and transformative action.

The Pro-Pinoy Project is a non-stock non-profit corporation registered in the Philippines.

Sound off! The Pro-Pinoy Project is a space that welcomes diverse ideas and voices from all around the world. We actively encourage contributions from Filipinos and Philippines-watchers, wherever you are, whatever you think. E-mail us today at [email protected].*

For calls to action, send an e-mail to Kilos Pinoy.

*The Pro-Pinoy Project executive board reserves the right of editorial discretion. By submitting material to the Pro-Pinoy Project for publication, the Contributor gives The Pro-Pinoy Project, Inc permission to post the submitted material on www.propinoy.net and its affiliated platforms, subject to terms and conditions set forth between the Pro-Pinoy Project, Inc and the Contributor. The contributor retains ownership rights of any material submitted and published on the Pro-Pinoy Project.